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We believe that human creativity and open-mindedness is the direction that will move us to the point of singularity. The Inii Way means intelligent interaction - that is, reflection and mutual support. This is what we support in our venture studio

Mytitle is a combination of cloud-based encrypted document storage with digital time and uniqueness (notary) stamp over the blockchain. Mytitle issues a certificate which can be used in case of a dispute.
The Mytitle Certificate details an owner’s personal information (e.g. address, email, and an ID) in relation to a specified file. In addition, the date and the time the file was uploaded is clearly documented. Thus it can be proved that this person had this file in their possession at a given date and time.Thanks to the Certificate the ownership can be proved even without Mytitle web.

A cloud-enabled solution for delivering content to theatrical and public screenings, globally. A platform built on the most secure, patent pending technology, that provides you with a revolutionary solution for secure digital distribution and monetization of audiovisual content worldwide.

Content and rights management, distribution handling and control, delivery via professional player for public screenings, revenue monitoring and allocation, white labeled marketplaces.

CinemaAnywhere is a seamless, all-inclusive B2A (business-2-audience) toolset designed by filmmakers, to allow any business, organization, or community leader to engage their audience through the power of shared cinema experiences while providing filmmakers and rights holders the ability to reach new audiences, increase revenues, and build greater advocacy for their film releases. As a result, audiences and communities have greater access to more films that match their lifestyle, feed their passions, and align with their interests.
The first global community & public screenings marketplace with programming and exclusive premieres.
The largest global network of local screening venues in more than 60 countries.
It turns any wall, venue, or community gathering place into an indie theater, offering businesses, organizations, individuals, and filmmakers an exciting new way to engage passionate lifestyle audiences with the power of "community film experiences”.

What is a venture studio?

A venture studio, or startup studio, is a form of business support and development. It is an organization that creates and develops its own startups based on its own ideas and experience. 

Venture studios differ from venture funds and accelerators in that the primary goal here is not to invest in existing startups, but to create new companies. Unlike a traditional startup, which is usually based on one specific idea or product, a venture studio works with a portfolio of ideas and teams that are gradually developed and tested until they find the best fit for investment. 

In addition to financial support and facilities in the form of offices, mentors and technical infrastructure, venture studios also provide support in the areas of ideas, design, development, marketing and strategy. This allows teams to leverage the synergies and expertise of the entire organization and reduce the risk of failure. One of the main factors that makes a venture studio attractive to entrepreneurs and investors is the low turnover of talent. Unlike a traditional startup, which can face high team turnover due to uncertain futures and project development, a venture studio offers a stable work environment where talented people can grow and develop their skills across multiple projects.

Another key factor is the eco-economic benefits of investing in product development within a venture studio. The synergy of teams and the sharing of resources and knowledge can make the development process faster and more efficient. This allows teams to pursue more creative and innovative ideas, increasing the likelihood of product success.

Last but not least, the concept is also more efficient in terms of ecology and sustainability. The common practice of investing in startups assumes a high failure rate - nine out of ten such companies fail. The investments made are thus 90% "wasted" without bringing any benefits to the company. In contrast, Venture Studio pays attention to the efficiency of the invested resources. Simply put - Ventures studio aims for at least 90% success of its investments.

The above factors may contribute to the venture studio becoming an increasingly attractive option for investors and entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities and wanting to promote innovative and sustainable solutions to societal problems.

Although the venture studio is a relatively new model, there is growing evidence that it can be a successful way to support the development of innovative ideas and help teams grow. If you want to become an entrepreneur and have a strong vision but need financial, technical and mental support, a venture studio may be the right choice for you.

Our Values

At Inii Way Venture Studio, we also believe in creating a world where everyone is adequately compensated for the use of their ideas by others. We strive to build a fair and equitable system that rewards innovation and fosters creativity, encouraging entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life and make a meaningful impact.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of historical experience and morality as the building blocks of a better future. By learning from our own mistakes and embracing ethical principles, we can create a society that values progress and social responsibility. Inii Way Venture Studio is committed to supporting start-ups that share our values and work towards creating a brighter and more equitable future for all.


Life is already complicated enough, so we create solutions that simplify people's lives.


We act in a transparent and trustworthy manner that earns the respect of colleagues, customers, and the public alike.


We achieve our goals when we all work together.

A Promise to our Customers

We create solutions that will save customer's time and make handling day to day business easier.


Our technology maintains the highest security standards.



Ctirad Hemelík

CEO & Co-founder
“For me personally, it has always been important to connect people and create an environment full of meaningful experiences coupled with positive emotions. I am a big fan of technology and believe that technology can help our existence and the evolution of our behavior. I am proud that we have developed unique technologies that support the basic principles of Artinii company, i.e. Art in intelligent interaction.“

Vít Krajíček

“I empathise with the filmmakers’ frustrations regarding film distribution. That is why I wanted to develop a simple tool. An online tool, which can help reaching specific audiences and bringing them closer to the unique films. Simply, safely, fairly.“

Ondřej Polák


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