General moral base of The Inii Way Venture Studio

The Principle of Respect for autonomy 

We respect the autonomy (latin for “self-rule”) of others - people, other entities and life in general, which is to respect the decisions made by others concerning their own existence. This is also called the principle of human dignity. It demands us not to interfere with the decisions of competent entities, and gives us a positive duty to empower others for whom we’re responsible.

Corollary principle
We are honest with each other and we keep promises (and we pride in keeping promises).

The Principle of Beneficence 
We intend to bring about good in all our actions.

Corollary principle: 

We take positive steps to prevent harm. However, adopting this corollary principle frequently places us in direct conflict with respecting the autonomy of other persons! In such cases we find the middle ground... we put Respect of Autonomy as a superior principle.

The Principle of Non-maleficence

(It is not "non-malfeasance," a technical legal term, & it is not "non-malevolence," in meaning that one did not intend to harm.)

We do no harm to others: "Live and Let Live".

Corollary principles:

Where harm cannot be avoided, we are obligated to minimize the harm we do.
Don't increase the risk of harm to others.
It is wrong to waste resources that could be used for good.

Combining Beneficence and Non-maleficence:
Each action must produce more good than harm!